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 Got you guys an IRC channel.

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PostSubject: Got you guys an IRC channel.   Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:40 am

I Registered you guys an IRC channel (basically a large chatroom if you need quick announcements to everyone or to leave messages) on gamesurge. I'll idle in it to keep up with messages. If you don't have MIRC or know how to use it, I've written a small tutorial on it.




1. Download & install MIRC from

2. Open MIRC, go to 'Tools' and then down to 'Options', or ALT O.

3. Enter your info, you can use a fake name and e-mail if you wish and add your alias in the space given.

4. On the left side of this window you will see a list labled 'Category'. Under this list, select 'Servers'. This will provide a new list of servers on the right hand side. The server you want is 'Gamesurge'. Under Gamesurge select 'Random Server'. Then press 'Select', and then 'Ok'

5. Next you should be prompted to join a channel. The channel you want to enter is '#sixthcolumn'. This will send you into the chatroom. Now it will be setup for you when you login. If the program did not prompt you to join a channel go to step 6.

6. Select 'Favorites' at the top, and go down to 'More...' Here you will enter '#sixthcolumn' and click 'Join'.
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PostSubject: Re: Got you guys an IRC channel.   Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:34 pm

Why weren't you part of this group 2 years ago damnit!
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Got you guys an IRC channel.
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