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 Research Division Report 12/4/11

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PostSubject: Research Division Report 12/4/11   Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:12 am

Science Corps
Research Division
Spoken Notes Transcript -- Nacht Leiter

[Begin Transcript]

Leiter, December 4th.

Looking more into vampyr and warwolf possibilities; I'll take them one at a time.

I've managed to create a version of the serum that eliminates most traditional vampire vulnerabilities and mitigates the emotional fluctuations. However, there remains a severe allergy to silver, and some remaining anger issues. I believe, however, that if applicants are chosen carefully enough, their natural dispositions may allow them to keep the rage under control.

To this end, I am prepared to begin human testing, but ONLY on applicants that I personally approve, and ONLY in very contained tests. I won't risk any lives in this, either the subjects' or our researchers'.

Warwolves have proven to be a more difficult puzzle. All reports indicate there there is not a chemical or viral impetus for the transformation; there's no long wait like for the 5th's vamps. I've tried to learn more, but information on the subject is in short supply.

Traditionally, lycanthropy is considered more of an infectious disease than anything else, transmitted through fluid transfer like a bite or blood transfusion. Still, though, surely tests would indicate any virus or chemical that was causing the infection. And why do history's werewolves transform uncontrollably, and the 5th's can at will?

I am forced to conclude that there is little relationship between the 5th's warwolves and what we would consider a werewolf... and with no werewolves to study, I must devote myself to unlocking the secrets of the warwolf.

I suspect the answer lies within the realm of magic, not science. I must call Professor Cane. He's more of an expert on magic than I am, and he wrote that paper... where did I put that...?

[Transcript End - Auto-Shutoff for Inactivity]

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Research Division Report 12/4/11
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