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 Proposal: Gather the Gang

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PostSubject: Proposal: Gather the Gang   Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:13 am

Ok, so in thinking and attempting to throw an event right now is, as i've realized, pointless. Now, don't freak out I'm not saying anything bad. I've had an idea.

Were currently nothing more than a group of long time gaming pals still sticking to eachother, with a title.
And thats how I'm considering "events" now. Not specific shit we plan to do, simply specific times we plan to assimilate that group.

I propose we open, and do so on a weekly basis, "Gather the Gang" discussions. I know, brilliant idea right? Us talking as a gaming group times we can get people together Shocked

Yet, as always there's one problem getting in the way here: people have to actually think about when theyll be on the game, and then use the damn forums to let the othere members here know when theyll be on that week.
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Proposal: Gather the Gang
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