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 Research Division Report 11/6/11

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PostSubject: Research Division Report 11/6/11   Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:10 pm

Science Corps
Research Division
Spoken Notes Transcript -- Nacht Leiter

[Begin Transcript]

Leiter here. Notes for date 11/6/11.

Progress on the vampyr serum. I have managed to derive the genetic restructure formula from salvaged samples of 5th Column vampyr DNA. I could, at this moment, inject a subject with the serum and recreate a 5th Column vampyr. Unfortunately, the 5th Column vampyrs are prone to violent outbursts and uncontrollable rages, side effects that are unacceptable for our soldats.

I have studied previous incarnations of the vampire mutation throughout history. The traditional methods of eliminating vampires (beheading, sunlight, wooden stakes, holy water) have no effect on the 5th Column vampyrs. It seems that the 5th Column's serum removes these vulnerabilities, but this results in the side effects I mentioned before.

If I could somehow get access to the 5th Column science reports from their initial experiments, I may find a way to mutate the serum enough to remove the traditional vulnerabilities without generating the emotional instability. Or, if I could find a non-5th Column vampire, who carries the original vampire poison in his fangs, I could use that.

Mental note: Talk to Assault Corps and the Espionage Division of the SpecOps Corps about mounting a mission to retrieve 5th Column research. Also call contact at City Hall to ask about heroes listed as vampires.

[End Transcript]

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Research Division Report 11/6/11
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