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 Build Help Requests

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PostSubject: Build Help Requests   Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:08 am

This thread is to layout how you should request help for builds. There are several aspects when asking for help with a build. Below will show how to post a thread in this forum requesting help. Feel free to copy and paste this form and fill in the blanks.

Primary Power Set==
Primary Powers You -=DO NOT=- Want Used==
Secondary Power Set==
Secondary Powers You -=DO NOT=- Want Used==
Power Pool 1==
Powers You WANT==
Power Pool 2==
Powers You WANT==
Power Pool 3==
Powers You WANT==
Power Pool4==
Powers You WANT==
Epic Power Pool==
Powers You WANT==
General or Set IO's==

This is a basic form and may change as this gets rolling more. This will work for majority of all archetypes and builds. Mind you this is mainly in mind for a lvl 50 char. If you would like help with your lower level char simply post other wise and fill the for out with what you can.
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Build Help Requests
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