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 The State of the Column

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PostSubject: The State of the Column   Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:46 pm

At midnight tonight, the latest rebirth of the Sixth Column will officially begin. This means that all rules should be followed, all courtesies observed, all members active.

For simplicity, I have constructed a detailed explanation of what you need to know.


Main responsibility -- Decision-making, running the Column

Elite Guards
Main responsibility - Reinforcing komturs' decisions, organising events

Main responsibility - Organising and running events, recruiting

Main responsibility - Recruiting, interacting with soldats


The same as we've always done; a soldat or underofficer gets recommended for a promotion based on merit alone. Level or longevity has no effect. Basically, if you're useful as a higher rank, you will be. There's nothing wrong with being a soldat. Every single one of us has been one at some point. Same for Kapitan, General, and Elite Guard. You'll hold a post because you're suited to it and we need you there.


Supergroup chat will ALWAYS be in-character. Out-of-character chat in SG chat must be in ((brackets)) or preceded by 'OOC:'.

The global channel 'Sixth Column' is open for OOC and uttely irreverent chat.

Basic Training will take place as often as possible, led by Drill Sergeant Dark or a komtur if he isn't available. It will be an in-character affair, as always, and should use local chat to be as public an affair as possible.

The more public roleplay that's done the better. RP under Atlas, in Pocket D, and on teams are all encouraged. The base is being retooled to be more conducive to roleplay and events.

Work on achieving connected storylines; talk to your fellow members. Engage yourself in their stories, and in the stories of the game.


We will soon initiate weekly events; raids, task forces, trials. Everyone should attempt to attend as many of these as possible; not only for our image and the show of it, but also because it's probably pretty useful for your characters.

I'd like to also start throwing costume contests and such, as well as having a presence on the COH forums, to further put our name out there.

Non-RP events will also be scheduled every so often, to include those members who aren't into roleplay but just enjoy the dynamic of the group.


Recruiting in Atlas will be an organic affair; if the opportunity arises and a crowd gathers, all the better. Our efforts, however, will be on those who enjoy the activities we do. Thus, pay attention to the teams you're in and the people you encounter in game. If they seem interested, get them an invite into the alt supergroup if they'd like a test run, or encourage them to try making a Nacht.

The idea is not to insist through words how excellent we are, but to become known as such through our actions.


Everyone should be active on the forums; it's a good tool for constructive conversation and also an opportunity to be hilarious and witty and appreciated outside of the game. You should also check the website every so often to check out the various updates to it.


There will be a weekly purge of the roster. Anyone inactive for over twenty days without posting in the Request Leave forum or sending an email to all three komturs will be kicked, with an in-game email sent to explain that they were kicked for inactivity.


Divisions are primarily an RP mechanic. They are used to clarify a character's ambitions and interests, as well as, in the case of nonhumans, an RP device for member advancement in interest.

Divisions are broken up into three Corps, further divided into Divisions. Each Corps is led by a Corps Commander, which at the moment are our three komturs. The Corps are:

Assault Corps, led by Nacht TwigDeath
Includes Arms and Metaphysical Divisions

Science Corps, led by Nacht Leiter
Includes Medical and Research Divisions

Special Operations Corps, led by Nacht Killa
Includes Espionage and Internal Affairs Divisions


Vampyr Uniforms
Werewolf Uniforms

Both werewolf and vampyr serums are very difficult to procure. Interested persons must petition all three Komturs for it, and must achieve a 2/3 approval, subject to veto by Head Komtur and Science Corps Commander Nacht Leiter. This approval will not be given lightly. A person must achieve maximum Security level and prove their worth to the komturs.


The most important thing is to play the game. Be around, be friendly, be cool people.

That's all that really matters. I have faith in all of you.


Posts in the News section are locked for archiving purposes. Please post questions and comments about this thread here.

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The State of the Column
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